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About Skyworxz

Skyworxz provides a simple web file hosting services. Skyworxz is a dedicated file hosting server. If you need dedicated file hosting services.Contact Skyworxz.com

Latest projects


Skydaz.com hosts and develops installers for Minecraft. The installers help users add moddifications to Minecraft with ease. Skydaz also developes many other tools and software. Skyworxz hosts files and config information for Skydaz software. This gives more speed, resources and relabilty to any software tha uses these services.

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Skys Arcade is an Flash based gaming site. SkysArcade uses Skyworkxz to provide a reliable game file, and image hosting.

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Your site hosting company can be your site's best friend or worst enemy - depending on the level of service and responsiveness. A successful Web site depends on a good Web host, but it's just as important to select the right kind of hosting account. This is why Skydaz uses a dedicated server to host it's own files.